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Friday / June 14.

Come to Orange

In project time in Group B, we realised that we had 9 different languages in the room. We decided to translate a song that one of our students had written in Farsi, into our 9 languages. The song is called Come To Orange. Listen and follow along with all the languages.

English- My friend, please share my feelings with the good people

Arabic- I’m not from the East, West, North or South

Ana lest mn al shark, al ghar, al shamal, ou al janub

Pashto- My home is in the East, the name is Ghazelamaolana

Khanam mashreq shorr e ghazal e moulanast

French- My destroyed home is without painting, without happiness, in the waste

Ma maison detruite est sans la peinture, sans le bonheur, dans la terre en friche

Hindi- Writing my address on my friend’s home

Mera pata likhna mere dost ke ghar

Kurdish- This is not made from the stone, brick, or wood

Av bloka neberia une dayirya

Spanish- My room around me is without paintings and not a lovely environment

Mi cuarto sobre mi sin pinturas ni un ambiente lindo.

Turkish- I am not from East, North, and West or South

Ben burda ayed dilem dogu, guney, kuzey, buty

Greek- I am yellow you are red, come to orange

Eme kitrino esy kokino mazi ene purtugali