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Friday / June 14.

Hello! How are you?

In our project time, Chios Voices was introduced to group B. When we came together to discuss ideas for media that we could upload, all we had to do was take a look around the room. Immediately, we recognized that we had many languages represented in one space. Then, with the help of our teacher, we added a quick tune on the ukulele, and here is what we produced in one afternoon session.

English – Hello, how are you?        

Arabic – Marhaba, kefa haluk

Farsi – Salam, khobasti

Pashto – Salam, senga-hai

French – Salut, comment ça va

India – Kemcho, majama

Kurdi – Salamalik, chahalideh

Spanish – Hola, cómo estás

Turkish – Merhaba, naselsen 

Greece – Yasas, ti kanis

(*note: written using English phonetics)