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Thursday / April 18.

Sambusas in Jugi

Cooking Sambusa in Jugi

We miss the Arabic sambusa as we usually eat them every day at Ramadan in our houses with our family. We decided to try to make sambusa in this country, in our jugi session. Even though our family is not with us here, we decided to make sambusa anyway. We tried to work together with our new family in jugi. The teachers helped us to do this and encouraged us.

It was a very difficult day as it was a lot of work. At one point, I wanted to give up but someone reminded me of something I had said earlier that day.

“If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never learn anything new.”

 I remembered that the first time you do something, it will not be perfect so I carried on making the sambusas. At the end everyone enjoyed eating the sambusas so we were very happy. When we finished and all the people were telling us ‘Wow, these sambusas are so delicious’ we were very pleased that everyone was happy and we had shown them something new to eat. I was reminded of this saying in Arabic:

“العمل الجاد دائما يأتي بثماره”

“aleamal aljadu dayimaan yati bithamarih”

“Hard work always brings fruit”

 One day I hope you try and challenge yourself to learn something new, just remember don’t give up!

Here is a recipe if you want to try to make them yourself!

Somali Sambusa


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