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Friday / April 19.

Flight from Syria

A Personal Account

My name is Diaa Abdul.
My family consist of 6 members.

I used to study and play football in Syria not caring about anything, but things have changed and we had to leave because of the war and lack of security, searching for a better life and a better future.

But things weren’t so different in Lebanon where we decided to go first.

All of us had to work to be able to provide the basic needs for our family without any chance to complete our education.

We remained in Lebanon for three years and then my family decided to send me to Turkey because of the frequent threats I received from Hizbollah, armed militias and the Lebanese army because of ethnic discrimination.

I was left alone because our financial standing wouldn’t enable us to move together, hoping that I could find a proper job for myself and offer my family a way out of Lebanon and away from Hizbollah. But I failed and took the sea voyage, risking my life and arriving two months ago in Chios, hoping to take advantage of being a minor to get my parents a reunification offer by some European country.

All my wishes faded away as I am still here and about to turn 18 without achieving any of my goals.

Life is very bad now in Chios. Please help me to get my family out. They are in danger from Hizbollah.