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Thursday / April 18.

We are all humans

A video by Falak

A video by BAAS student Falak. In this video she expresses the sorrow at the situation she’s encountered, but calls upon our shared identify as human beings in helping to overcome this.

Translated text below (subtitles also available on video)

We are all human beings
And we are strong but we start to get weaker at some point
And then we are no longer the same in other people’s eyes.

We all get mad and cry
And we usually try to hide.
We may fail sometimes and expose ourselves
But it remains in our hands and by our choice.

We wait every day
For the day to come
The day we let go and forget;
Forget every time we moaned
Forget every time we laughed;
All the good memories
That bring tears to our eyes.

And we forget the people
Who we thought we loved,
As much as we forget those who let us down and ignored us.

All will be forgotten
And I believe that day will come.