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Thursday / April 18.

‘Sabores Solidario’: An Interview

An Interview with Daniel Rivas of Zaporeak

A broad-ranging conversation held between Hassan, from Aleppo, and Daniel Rivas, from Spain.

The discussion focuses on the impact of the Zaporeak Project ‘Sabores Solidario’ on the island of Chios.

Over the past year, Zaporeak has been providing nutritious food to a huge number of refugees on the Greek island. In early March 2017 Zaporeak ceased its direct operations on the island, passing its food production over to Greek caterers.

Daniel Rivas is interviewed by Hassan, a refugee on Chios since Summer 2016 who volunteered with Zaporeak. He is also a student at the Be Aware and Share High School.

In this interview, Hassan and Daniel discuss Zaporeak’s impact, the refugee situation in Chios, and the nature of Western responses to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.